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Long Movie day

Mom and I headed down to Roseville to see Harry Potter as it is gone from our theaters. Anyway, we left in what would normally be pleanty of time for a 3:10 show. We forgot to factor in all the traffic coming off the mountain from where they had been stuck. We ended up with time to kill before a 6:30 showing.

We managed to kill about 1.5 of them in Jo Anne's and spent almost the same amount as we saved by buying mostly Christmas papers, craft projects ect. Also saved $14 on a new bulb for my OTT light which was the main reason we went there. Then we went and bought our tickets. I couldn't beleive tickets were up to $10.50 a person but then I don't get out much!

Had time to kill and needed to eat so we went to "The Chicago Fire House" and had Greekstyle garlic fries and a personal pizza which were both quite good.

Went to the movie and got home around 10! Way past both our bedtimes and the cat's dinner time which we were told about of course.

Happy New Year Everyone!

whew, that's better

last night- not much fun for the kitty. Her drain tubes were causing her a lot of pain and the smaller tube was getting dried gunk and I couldn't breathe on it with out her thrashing. She was also not eating or drinking much so I called the vet's office and got a call back from the on-call dr. He said she needed to be brought in to the vet in the am.

Today she was eating even demanding Mom get her up and get her treats now, thank you very much! Vet office called me even before opening and we scheduled a visit. After that Mom was telling me she was normal so the office suggested just trying to clean the wound our selves. This was unsuccessful but did lead me to find out that the knot on the drain was causing her an ulcer so we went in to the vet after all.

They took out her drain completely and we just have to hot pack it still so that should be a lot more comfortable for her. We can take the hated cone off on Monday and just see if she leaves the wound alone enough to not make it worse. Anit-biotics will also still be 2x a day thru Friday and then a week later we can try for the rabies shot again.

Right now she alternates between sleeping and glaring at me for causing all of this and torturing her several times a day.

Thank you to everyone for the good thoughts and prayers as I am sure it helped turn her around overnight.


Bo is not doing great

please say some prayers for Bo. she is having a hard time with the cone as she already can't see out of one eye and now has no peripheral vision on the good eye.

She is not eating or drinking well. She had a couple of partial spoon fulls of yogurt and finally a bit of tuna and a tiny bit of kibble just a bit ago. She drank a lot last not but then nothing that we know of and she is not using the litter box very much.

I've been using warm compresses and puling gently on ther tube as instructed but one end is starting to stick. Then after such work she wanders around pretty much thrashing in pain. It's a heart breaker. I called the vet tonight and the on call said I will need to bring her in in the am.

He did also tell me how to give her some aspirin but she has finally settled in and will probably be fine until I have to do it all over again, I feel like the meanest person on earth.

anyway, I am very worried for her and would appreciate any and all prayers, healing thoughts and positive energy for her.


happier now

Okay, Bobo is recovering well but still wobbly so we can pick her up at 5. she will need to take anti-biotics which should prove interesting.


That's just great NOT

So take BoBo in for her $15 rabies shot. She get's weighed - last year 13.3 lbs this year 13.4 and she is a big cat so this is just fine. They go get the shot and the thermometer. Her temp is 104- normal is 101. This means that she can't get her shot and that something is quite wrong. I am flashing thru everything bad but an abscess is quickly located and fingered as the culprit, now I'm thinking great- small problem she should get over quickly, how much is it going to cost? Answer? $176!!! They have to put her under, do the procedure and give her anti-biotics. She also has to day board while they make sure all is well. Then I get to have her back this evening but she will have still not had the dam shot and she will hold a grundge as I told her it was a quick trip.

Meanwhile, I have to use pretty much all of my "reserve" money and then some to pay the bill. Has to be done but really painfull on the pocket book. The tech did take off the normal $50 office call fee since we just came in for the shot. The office manager wanted it back on there but I told her why it wasn't on there and I think that will be the end of it at least as far as I know.

Now I am driving home and I know it should all go fine but then I wonder about the "what ifs" that could happen and almost start crying. I know it's irrational but while she is not a child she is the closest thing I will have and even more she is my companion. So now I wrote out all my fears and am going to go think happy thoughts and re-work financial plans. Thank god I am at least starting to get disability payments!


Amusing and somewhat accurate

You Are "Across the Universe"

You are spiritual, deep, and at peace. You try to keep life in perspective.

You can't help but realize how small you are in the universe. You're just thankful you exist.

You tend to be a stream of consciousness thinker. You just let your thoughts flow, even when they don't make sense initially.

You trust your intuition to guide you. You know that whatever is in your heart is right and true.

"fully favorable"

That my friends is the decision the SS Hearing judge made and in record time at that! Now it is a matter of the money folks getting info to me and they might have more stuff to go thru but the decision has been made and I am so happy that the judge did really listen to me and look at all the medical support opinions. He even stated that the opinion of their Dr, who NEVER saw me in person but ruled I was fit, anyway he said that it was inconsequential as it was not supported by the records he had and that it did not even address any of the medical conditions I am working with! I Love this man.

Anyway, I've just returned from 7 days of house sitting but wanted to thank everyone for all the good thoughts and prayers! Now we settle in to wait for the next step so keep those positive thoughts coming thru!


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Monday Clicks please



I was looking forward to posting that I went all day yesterday with no Compazine and that is still true but I'm taking one as soon as I finish this post as I'm nauseated. FUCK! Really, what brought this on- I ate the same thing for breakfast yesterday which was Grape Nuts, almond milk and raspberries so WTF?!?

My follow up appointment is on Monday so maybe we can figure something out or get me refereed to a gastroentoligist to go further because this is more than getting old.

on the plus side my icon for nauseated is pretty funny!